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Clean Fire Inhibitor

 Safeguarding Wood Framed Buildings From Fire


Logistics and Fulfillment

Our established logistics program will ensure timely deliveries so that your project will remain on schedule.

Job Site Spray

Our certified crews can mobilize to any location in the US to defend Type III, IV and V construction from fire.

Structural Burn Demonstrations

We perform nation-wide public demonstrations of our clean and safe fire inhibitor, in order to validate the effectiveness of our chemistry. 



M-Fire Suppression is the leader in wood-framed fire protection, having worked with many of the nation’s top developers on over 100 multi-family building structures.

Using cutting edge modern chemistry, M-Fire has pioneered a patent-protected method to prevent fires in wood-framed buildings. We apply a clean and eco-friendly fire inhibitor to protect wood frame structures, making them safe from the dangers of fire accidents or arson attacks.

M-Fire has performed many burn demonstrations at fire departments throughout the U.S., proving that it can prevent devastating wood structure fires from a total loss. Additionally, we have UL Green Guard Gold Certification, meeting the highest standards of safety and health.

Our mission is to prevent wood-framed building fires during construction to protect workers and our developer's investment. M-Fire urges all wood-framed structure developers to implement our services and safeguard their projects to ensure the safety of their most valuable assets.




M-Fire has worked with many of the top 25 nationwide multi-family building developers and protected over 20,000,000 square feet of wood-framed buildings.



Both Buildings Were Ignited With Lighter Fluid And Kindling By The Local Fire Department

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